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Greek Mythology Dreamcast - Hayley Atwell as Hestia

Daughter of Kronos, venerable dame, who dwellest amidst great fire’s eternal flame; in sacred rites these ministers are thine, mystics much blessed, holy and divine. In thee the Gods have fixed their dwelling place, strong, stable basis of the mortal race. Eternal, much formed, ever florid queen, laughing and blessed, and of lovely mien…(x)

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Greek Mythology Dreamcast - Gemma Arterton as Gaia

I will sing of well-founded Earth, mother of all, eldest of all beings. She feeds all the creatures that are in the worlds, all that go upon the goodly land, and all that are in the paths of the seas, and all that fly: all these are fed of her store. Through you, O queen, men are blessed in their children and blessed in their harvests, and to you it belongs to give means of life to mortal men and to take it away. (x)

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Greek Mythology Dreamcast - Mads Mikkelsen as Uranus

Great Heav’n, whose mighty frame no respite knows, father of all, from whom the world arose: hear, bounteous parent, source and end of all, forever whirling round this earthly ball; abode of Gods, whose guardian pow’r surrounds th’ eternal World with ever during bounds…(x)

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H A M A R T I A | “missing the mark”

His aspiration is to be this Platonic creature of pure rationality and that’s why he’s attracted to the Classics, and particularly to the Greeks — all those high, cold ideas of beauty and perfection.”

P E R I P E T E I A | “a falling-around”

“But how,” said Charles, who was close to tears, “how can you possibly justify cold-blooded murder?”
Henry lit a cigarette. “I prefer to think of it,” he had said, “as redistribution of matter.”

A N A G N O R I S I S | “no-longer-not-knowing”

"The world has always been an empty place to me. I was incapable of enjoying even the simplest things. I felt dead in everything I did.” He brushed the dirt from his hands. “But then it changed,” he said. “The night I killed that man.”

C A T H A R S I S | “the purge”

The door flew open. Henry raised the arm with the gun. He’s going to shoot them, I thought, dazed – but then I heard Camilla scream, “No, Henry!” and, too late, I realized what he was going to do.

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I feel the same way sneakers

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*prayer circle for sarah/delphine interaction in s2*

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Masterpiece of Bitterness is such a great album. 

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Odin by UnripeHamadryad

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Cosima + talking with her hands

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